Protect Your Eyeballs From Spooky Ghosts


Have you ever spent time in a haunted house?

Or, like me, have you lived in one?

Strange sounds.

Peculiar shadows.

Hairs rising on the back of your neck.

Glimpses you’d rather pretend totally did not just happen.

So, when you’re experiencing spirit activity and you’d rather not, what do you do?


Spiritual Boundaries!


First of all: before engaging in any magical work it is important to ask yourself, “Who are my spirit allies? Who will I be working with in this endeavor?”

This is a magical step we so often overlook! Effective magic requires you to petition a higher power. Period.

I don’t care if that higher power is Jesus, Kali, Saint Michael, or your Leopard Totem. It’s up to you to cultivate relationships with higher entities you feel called to or who have called you directly to themselves.

In addition to gods, goddesses, and saints, there is a group of EXTREMELY IMPORTANT higher powers you could be petitioning for help ALL OF THE TIME: your spirit guides.

 Everyone has spirit guides. They have been with you since you were born. They can include your guardian angels, power animals, plant allies, and ancestors. Just because you’ve never talked to them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. So what are you waiting for?! Say hello!


After seeing a ghost at a very young age, I went through childhood absolutely petrified of the dark.

Unbearably so.

The “higher power” that I petitioned, in this case, was my Dad.

(You know kids. Parents are like demi-gods when you’re such a small one.)

Dad is smart. Dad is compassionate. Instead of telling me monsters aren’t real, instead of dismissing my fears, he got himself a bottle of End Dust, told me it was Anti-Monster Spray, and sprayed that shit all over the place.

Under the bed, under the dresser, in the closet, at the boundaries of bedroom door and closet door.


And honestly? It made me feel better. I felt like my fears were seen, and heard, and taken seriously. The act of administering pseudo-magical remedies to my physical space was extraordinarily comforting.


  • Firstly, talk to your spirit guides. Tell them how you feel. Allow them to witness your fears. Let them know that you don’t want to see the spirits of the dead. If the idea of clairvoyance as a whole freaks you out, say so! “No clairvoyance for me, thank you.” Ask them for help moving the spirit on, if you feel that’s necessary.
  • Secondly, talk to the spirit of your house and the spirits of the land your property is on. Ask for their help in maintaining boundaries. Let them know your concerns, and be sure to treat them well! Don’t expect their help if you aren’t prepared to cultivate a respectful relationship with them.
Cultivating a respectful relationship with my house & land spirits includes, for me, “normal” household tasks like taking out the trash and compost, doing the dishes, sweeping, dusting, and washing the floors. It also includes magical and animistic actions like burning pleasant incense, patting the walls lovingly,  verbally expressing my gratitude for certain aspects of the building (I love my old-fashioned elevator!), leaving offerings under trees in the yard, and generally taking care of the space as best I can.
  • You may also speak directly to the dead spirit, if you’re comfortable with this. I have no personal experience doing this, so I cannot speak to the effectiveness of this practice. If you feel comfortable addressing the spirit directly, you can either tell them their activity is disturbing you and politely ask them to stop, or you can attempt to help them move on. Before doing so, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from a professional spiritual worker. Here is a list of Readers & Rootworkers who perform spirit work.

Talking with Spirit is always the best way.

Here are some other practical actions you can take to repel unwanted entities from your home.

  • Regular cleansing & clearing. The effect of burning sage is temporary, but helpful if you’re feeling particularly yucky or had an encounter that made you feel unpleasant. It also lets your house spirits know you love them and want them to feel good and be happy, too.
  • Reflect negativity out of your home. I was taught by Miss Elvyra, member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, to protect your home from negative entities by taping small mirrors, mirror-side out, to each external wall, ceiling, and floor. Use the kind of little mirrors you’d find at a craft store. This might sound obvious, but it’s best to put up the mirrors *after* a cleansing.
  • Hang Rosemary sprigs above the doors and windows. If you have a particular plant ally with protective qualities that *isn’t* Rosemary, by all means use that ally instead! I like to use sprigs of Rosemary because you can also use ‘em to flick holy water on the walls and in the corners of your home. ALL OF THE BLESSINGS!
  • Burn Fiery Wall of Protection incense or garlic skins and invoke the protection of Archangel Michael or another protective entity you’re comfortable with. Burn some other, more pleasantly blessing incense immediately afterwards to set the tone for deliciousness. This practice is not specifically geared towards keeping ghosts away, but rather negative entities in general. It also helps to show spirit guides & spirits of house and land that you mean srs biznis about setting spiritual boundaries, and that you don’t expect them to do ALL of the work like a petulant child would.


Sweet chickadees, I’d like to point out that you do not need to fear the darkness.

Seeing a ghost is scary. I know. I know it is. I lived in abject terror of the darkness after seeing a ghost as a child.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

(Many ghosts are benevolent and chill and respectful roommates!)

You can embrace the darkness. The darkness can be our mother, our place of nurturance, a place of magic and wonder and possibility.

In the darkness, flame becomes dramatic and powerful and potent.

In the darkness, we connect with our ancestors – those who walked in the world without electricity.

In the darkness, we can be safe.

Further Reading

Questions? Stories? Hit me with ‘em!

There are SO MANY WAYS to magically protect your space. No way is right or wrong. Dig what you dig and get DOWN with your bad self, baby kittens!

Have YOU experienced unwanted spirit activity? What did you do? How have you coped?



Whimsical SF: It’s A Unicorn AND A Pegasus And…A Barfing Star?

barfing stars why

Whimsical SF is a regular photo column in which I share glimpses of this wonderful weird wild city.



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Baby Kittens, I Just Wanna Say

I’m grateful.

Life ain’t perfect.

My cat’s poop box smells terrible all of the time.

My glasses won’t rest anywhere but on the very, very end of my nose.

Stuff and things.

But cuss it all, I’m glad to be here.

I’m grateful for everyone who’s ever said – or written – a kind word to me.

That’s brave. Keep doing it, guys. It makes an difference.

Kind words make a difference.



for the love of ganesha

I’m grateful for many things.

I’m especially grateful for the work that I do and the badass chickadees with whom I do it.

I say with instead of for because it’s a dance we do together. They tell their stories. I witness.

We move forward into magic.

We move forward into flow.


Sorry guys, I didn’t know a song about flowing but I wanted to so I pretended.

What I really want to say is,

thank you.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for waking up. Thank you for trying, every con-flabbed day.

Even when it’s hard.

Even when it sucks monkey butts.

Even when you fail.

Thanks for continuing.


And you’re going to be okay.





Sesame Sunday: Dance Myself To Sleep

“Ernie, those sheep are tap-dancing!”

Sesame Sunday is a regular feature wherein I share my favorite old Sesame Street bits – because silliness is magic, and we always need more of it. Enjoy!

I think Ernie has some great advice.

If you struggle with getting to sleep, too, why not try invoking the powers of the Boogie-Woogie Sheep?


We’ll dance ourselves to sleep!

we’re in our jammies

We’ll dance ourselves to sleep!






Make Your Own Magic: Aquarian Supermoon Adventures

aquarius supermoon adventures in august

Oh Moon, Queen of Night on Earth…

Darling chickadees, did you have a lovely Aquarian Full Moon weekend? I hope your Supermoon Sunday was blessed, beautiful, and full of tasty magic!

Remember: magic is what you make it.

The energy of Moon in Aquarius bring us awareness of our own deliciously individual magic.

The energy of Moon in Aquarius encourages us to explore, to follow our heart, to walk the sparkling path of our bliss with merry dancing feet.

Bare or booted, our feet know the path that’s aligned with our own inner North Star, that guiding light that is in truth the spark of divinity residing in this flesh-temple.

Ringed or be-belled, our feet will dance with joy when they touch this blissful road.

Our hands, given half a chance, will cultivate oases and gardens, play-forts and temples along this sacred road.

Our eyes will seek out new magic in the woods, further adventures on the horizon, sacred springs in the hills; our hearts will yearn to explore more and more of the magical world.

Remember: it’s up to you to cultivate the magic you want to see in your life. It’s up to you to seek the path of your bliss.

Your magic doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s magic.

It doesn’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.

Your magic can be as weird, as ordinary, as complex and as simple as you desire in that moment.

Your magic is whatever you make it.

On this fine August Supermoon, I was blessed with one of the most magical days of my life: a road-trip with my magical babe Melisa!


Heading north on the 101 after days of grey fog by the Bay, we were glad to see peeps of blue sky.


you're beautiful, missionary independent spiritual church

First stop: Lucky Mojo!

A northernly drive is certainly incomplete without a visit to my favorite spiritual supply shop on Earth, the Lucky Mojo Curio Company.

We prowled the narrow aisles, sniffing powders and peering into dim shelves. We exclaimed over the array of fortune-telling teacups laid out a table outside, and were treated to a “tour” of them by knowledgable Dave.


Spiritual shopping makes a body hungry! We laid out a glorious spread on the picnic table and were blessed with ample sunshine and blooming Amaryllis, pink and exquisitely aromatic.

After lunch we walked the brick labyrinth and pulled tiny Tarot cards in the center. Three for Melisa, three for me, and three for the labyrinth herself. By chance, Melisa and I each pulled a Major, a Pip, and a Court card.

Utter. Magic.

Lucky Mojo labyrinth majors

The labyrinth’s cards were the Ace of Pentacles, the reversed Six of Swords, and the reversed Two of Swords.


I saw this as: a physical opportunity for a sacred inner journey – a journey wherein options may be considered, truths may be laid bare, the sacred may be consulted, and decisions made – or at least considered with clarity and honesty.

Next up: Vichy Springs!

this magical bullshit leads to mineral baths

a reproduction of Monet’s bridge that leads to magical mineral baths? yes, please!

Magical Melisa, genius that she is, suggested we pay a visit to the only naturally carbonated warm mineral baths in North America. Why wouldn’t we?!

Tucked in the golden hills of Mendocino County, Vichy Springs is a 160-year-old resort where you can plunge into an Olympic-size swimming pool, float in the natural mineral baths, soak in the hot pool, hike in the 700 acres of wilderness, or get some good old fashioned spa treatment – massages & facials, ahoy!

As we lay in our outdoor mineral tubs, peacefully floating and delightfully carbonated, hawks circled and dragonflies darted above us.

Absolute. Heaven.


that building houses the source spring, whose magical waters only bubble up from 30,000 feet below the Earth’s surface. OH OKAY

Enough soaking! Time for magic-making.

Once we’d used up our soak-time, Melisa and I lay down a towel and constructed a Supermoon Sweets dual altar-picnic on the grass. OH YEAH!


Cake! Cookies with stars! Tiny Tarot cards!

We performed the Apocalypse? No! divination from Bri Saussy‘s fabulous Lunar Letters.

And as we sat there…a deer strolled by not 50 feet away. She paused to nibble at the trees, looked right at us, and eventually trotted gracefully away as the resident dog approached on leash.


And then…the sprinklers came on. Ha!



We finished our picnic on the sprinkler-free grass where the deer had been just minutes before.

Then, reluctantly, we packed up and returned to the road.

Wanting to make sure we saw the Moon before returning to the all-too-foggy city, we stopped for a necessary California experience: IN N OUT BURGER.

Animal Style fries and Neapolitan milkshake in tow, we lounged outside until the sun went down…so that when we took to the road once more, the glorious Moon was well above the horizon, slinking her way above the cloud line and following us all the way back to civilization.

supermoon over san francisco

supermoon over san francisco

Whether you’re near home or far away, may you be blessed with clear eyes and open heart – the better to see the magic, my dear. The better to walk your path.

And if you are a fellow city witch-baby, may you be blessed with remedies of grass, tree, and wild creatures in abundance.




City Witch, Cast Your Circle of Thorns

it ain't easy being a city witch

It’s not easy being a city witch.

There is SO MUCH HAPPENING in the city.

Energy’s flying high. If you’re at all sensitive, you can easily get overwhelmed by the tragedy of the homeless, the aggression of cat-callers, the hostility of gangsters.

A witch’s gotta have some protection!

You could, of course, carry a mojo hand for protection, wear an Evil Eye charm, stuff your bra with protective herb sachets and crystals, burn candles with St. Michael Archangel, and engage in any of the typical protection work that jives with you as a sacred artist.

One of my favorite methods, which I’ll share today, is particularly useful to witches in the city – whether you’re a permanent resident or a part-time visitor.

I call it Circle of Thorns.

In truth, it’s more like a sphere or halo of thorns. This technique is based on the rather basic sphere-of-light method, which involves the visualization of a pinprick of light in the center of your chest, then calls for you to begin slowly, and with focus, visualizing that light expanding until it spills over your arms, down your torso, and eventually encompassing and surrounding your entire body.

This takes practice.

I recommend you begin practicing with the sphere-of-light technique at home, during meditation, in a safe & quiet place.

Once you feel relatively comfortable with this technique, you may begin to practice projecting a circle of thorns around yourself.

Kind of like an outer layer on top of your light-sphere.


I’m a fan of practicing in the field, so to speak. I like to get my hands dirty – I learn better that way.

So I practice casting my circle of thorns while I’m walking through the city.

I DO recommend that, especially in the beginning, you combine this practice with another, more solid form of protection magic such as those mentioned above.

(I personally favor an Evil Eye necklace and a mojo hand.)

The circle of thorns is most useful, for me, when I’m walking past people I really don’t want to engage.

And you know what? Sometimes, they’ll still mutter “baby hmm hmm beautiful” under their breath.

But they never engage.

I feel okay.

AND my magical muscles get a workout!


(obviously, this technique does not replace practical, mundane protection measures. I strongly recommend you engage in some kind of self-defense training. Esmé Wang just tipped me off to Impact Bay Area, for all you fellow Bay Area Babes.)

If you’re a city witch, give Circle of Thorns a try. I’d love to hear how it goes!

If you’re new to the city and would like to learn more about protecting yourself from the crazy soup-fire of energy, you can book a Diagnostic Tarot Reading with me. We’ll sling cards and talk protection magic with a special urban twist. HUZZAH!

Happy thorn frosting, city witches!



Bay Area Babes! Come and Play with me this weekend at Carnival of Stars!

carnival of stars

Hey magical mamacitas,

This is a quick-and-happy announcement:

This weekend I’m bringing Tarot and Tea to the nation’s only comic book convention + belly dancing show (!!!!), Carnival of Stars!

Here are the dirty deets:

Carnival of Stars 2014

Richmond Auditorium (near the Richmond BART station)

403 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA

Saturday August 2 10am – 10pm

Sunday August 3 10am – 8pm

$15 at the door

I’ll be there tabling with my Cartoon Art Museum babes, offering $10 tarot readings (!!!) and tins of my Moonblessed Ritual Tea Blends!

SERIOUSLY GUYS. This event is the dopest, most delicious party around.

If you’re in the Bay Area, swing on by this weekend, say hi, and get yourself a Tarot reading!





photo from the Carnival of Stars Facebook page

I’m Grateful for My Blessings


It’s a Dark Moon in Scarab.*

*aka Cancer. See this post by Mystic Medusa.

Understandably, I’m having a lovely slow-down time.

I really, really love the Dark Moon.

It’s the time when women naturally menstruate.

It’s the time when we naturally want to curl up, quiet down, and recharge.

I’m a fierce advocate for the practice of living within and honoring our natural cycles. SO MUCH of the modern world is detached from the basic rhythm of natural life.

Growing up in New England, this became clear every time it snowed and we had to chip our icy car doors open with a credit card. Not to mention the way cars tend to do loop-de-loops on snowy highways. It always mystified me why we weren’t allowed to hibernate, or at least work from home! Oh sure, let’s all drive our giant bullets into a blizzard – because heavens forbid the mall close for a day!


During Dark Moons I give myself permission to take it easy, go slow, and be thoughtful.

It’s a sacred opportunity to de-tangle any knots of stress that have formed over the last lunar cycle.

And, as surely everyone must know by now, practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to de-tangle stress and re-align with bliss.

So, in the fashion of Things I Love Thursday, I invite you to think about the blessings you’re grateful for, right now.

This is what I’m especially grateful for today:

Cats that purr loudly • Sun-warmed skin • Rainbows in the hose-spray • Birdsong • Big ole pots of tea • Roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary picked straight from the garden • Magical friends • Webster’s Dictionary • Deciding to replace the word “hustle” with the word “transmit” in my vocabulary • The beauty of animal bones • Messages from my ancestors • Dark, cool kitchen sanctuaries • The smell of sheets dried outside on the line • The nighttime illumination of candles • Clean socks • Apricot preserves • Free Animal Spirits Oracle Readings • Elephants • The pleasure of tending a plant and seeing it thrive • Fuckin’ ice cream, man • Tea cosies which keep your tea warm and also make great hats • Writers whose words are so delightful I must read them aloud • The Ellis decK • My Instagram crew • Not having cable TV • Delicious wine • The generosity of friends • Receiving pictures of my boyfriend posing with his store’s kitten whose name is Special Agent Jack Bauer • Nighttime magick • Fuckin’ books, man • People who aren’t ashamed to admit they enjoy Pokémon cards (ahem hem)

Please, take a minute today and write down what you’re grateful for. Start with the obvious – the blessings will reveal themselves as you go.

And if you’d like to share, please do!



Introversion vs Insomnia: Seeking Stillness in a World that’s Always On

from the other side of dawn

I used to identify as an insomniac.

And it’s true that my sleep pattern has been, ah…less than normal for most of my life.

At 9 months of age I was down to one nap a day, and was totally nap-free before I was two (to my poor mother’s dismay).

I remember the pleasure of being awake at daycare while all the other children slept.

I remember the freedom and joy of having all the Play-Doh to myself. I even have a photograph of myself next to a sculpture I was able to make, unmolested, during nap-time.


Artistic freedom! What triumph, what liberation. What bliss.

As an angsty teenager, I valued my solitude. I easily fell prey to the high school pattern of late nights and early mornings. Between homework, instant messaging, and allllll of the fanfiction (aw yeah), I typically got to bed around 1 am, then was up again at 6 to get to school.

and you, sweet chickadee? how do you sleep these days?

I don’t sleep that way anymore (thank Bob).


Now, I can feel the impending groan but I proudly confess: I am a morning person.

Like, totally.

Up between 5 and 6 just about every morning, “sleeping in” to me means getting up at 7:30 or (heavens forbid) as late as 8.

I’m absurdly cheerful in the morning. I’m practically (and often literally) singing.


One thing I loved most about the insomniac lifestyle -

(especially in art school, where all-nighters reign king)

- was approaching dawn from the far side of night.

I’m a morning person, and I LOVE DAWN.

To me, sunrise is a jewel far more precious than sunset.

The thing is: morning people who stay up really, really late do not feel very good after a while.

I began to think about it. Insomnia, the stillness of night and the stillness of dawn.

I began to realize something.

Night has always felt so sacred, so wonderful, so special to me.

I figured it out!


oh yeah

introverts come out at night

Night is silent. Night is still.

Night is where I can be a happy introvert, all alone, without worrying whether someone will interrupt me, or whether the phone will ring, or which kind of chores I might be called upon to complete.

Night is where I can hunker down and get into the meditative Art Zone.

Night is where I can be still.

Here’s the thing:

You can get still and still get sleep.

It took me a long time to realize that truth.

When I realized that stillness is at the heart of the matter, I began living my life with stillness programmed into my day. I found that I no longer needed to stay up late.

Nowadays, I’m typically in bed by 10. It’s great.

This morning I went up to the roof just before dawn. The bulbous waning moon hung in the lightening sky; soft warm light bled upwards between the buildings.

The city was quiet – as quiet as cities get.

I breathed deep, deep, deep into the still chillness of dawn.



It’s worth it, investing in stillness.

You don’t have to get up at 5am to enjoy its benefits, either.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you do in the day, you can find yourself a few minutes of stillness.

In the car, on the bus, under the sky.

In your room, in the shower, in the bath.

In your mind.

Spend some time alone in there, sweet thing. It’s healing. It’s whole.

How to be Still:

  • Get quiet. Embrace silence.
  • Get motionless. Be at rest.
  • Get calm. Release agitation.
  • Repeat with regularity.

Choose one or all of the above. Practice stillness.

If you’re an introvert like me, you already know how much it fills your well.

If you’re an extrovert and draw your energy from others, you may find your sense of intuition sharpened by stillness.

And be sure to get some sleep.

however you, um, can.

however you, um, can.



Tarot Q&A: Where Should I Start?

got tarot questions?

I get A LOT of questions about how to read Tarot.

A while back, I asked my Instagram chickadees for their questions.

Since then, I’ve been teaching and working on education resources. Until those resources are ready, I’ve decided to answer some of those pesky Tarot questions here on the blog.


Q. Where should I start?

This is one of the most common questions I receive – and guys, I TOTALLY GET IT.

Getting started on anything is often the most difficult part.


I’m a lucky Aries. Mars in Taurus sits smack dab in my 1st House of action, meaning when something catches my attention NOTHING can stand between me and the object of my interest.

(Oh yes, it will be mine.)

I’m like a bull with rocket boosters. Once my sight is fixed on something, that’s it. The boosters are fired up, the bull paws the ground, and before you can say hunka munka meatballs I’m off.

The point is, I’m pretty good at getting started – and helping others do the same.

Lots of my people struggle getting started.

They want to make sure they get it RIGHT. The fear of “doing it wrong” is one of the worst mind-plagues in our modern world.

So what usually happens is they procrastinate by looking around to see what everyone else is doing.

“Maybe if I just follow her for a while…she’s sure to show me all the secrets of Doing It Exactly Perfect On The First Try.”


whither shall you wander?

Here’s how you get started reading Tarot:

Find a deck you like and play with it.

That’s pretty much it.

Find a deck that YOU like. Find a deck of cards that resonates with you.

Nobody else can do this for you, really.

Here’s the thing: I’ve tried to read with decks that did NOT resonate with me.

And…it kind of didn’t work.

The intuitive connection just wasn’t there. I had to rely on my intellectual knowledge of the card meanings, which makes for an okay reading but not a great one.

But when you read with a deck that resonates with you? Magic happens.


When you read with a deck that resonates with you, it doesn’t matter if you have an intellectual knowledge of the cards yet (that part comes later). You’ll have an intuitive connection and you’ll be able to give a reading that is accurate and speaks to the situation at hand.

I know this is true: I have seen it happen first-hand many times.

So get a deck that resonates with you.

Some things you should know:

  • You can find and purchase ONLINE a deck that resonates with you. Yes, you really can. In fact, if you feel connected to a deck and you’re able to buy it directly from the artist/creator via their website, so much the better!
  • I don’t believe you have to receive a deck as a gift. Many folks come to me worried that if they buy their own deck, it will be “wrong” or something, just because they’ve heard that Tarot must be given as a gift. That is not how I was taught. If you are called to be a reader, it’s a disservice to humanity if you sit around waiting for someone to give you cards. Make that shit happen for yourself.
  • Ultimately, you should do what feels right to you. All the advice in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t listen to your own heart at the end of the day. Take the wisdom and advice of others into consideration, and decide for yourself what resonates and what doesn’t. There truly is no wrong way to do it, as long as you’re coming from a place of resonance. Ask yourself: does this feel right? If the answer is NO or ambiguous, seek another way. Listen more closely to yourself. Do what feels right.

But Paige, what if I have *no idea* where to start looking for a deck?

No problem! Here are some of my favorite decks and, at the bottom, links to websites where you can browse for your own.



clockwise from top left: The Wild Unknown; The Wildwood Tarot; Shadowscapes Tarot; The Ellis decK; Tarot of the Cat People; Dark Goddess Tarot

Isn’t it amazing how varied the decks are?

There really is a deck out there for everyone.

Here’s where you can find them:

The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

One of the most popular decks around today, the beautifully illustrated and understated Wild Unknown deck is simple yet evocative in its natural imagery. A true gem.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, and Will Worthington

My first deck, and my all-time favorite. A further departure from the RWS than the Ellis decK, these cards are rich with Celtic and Druid symbolism. Animals represent the Court Cards and the Major Arcana have been completely renamed, from 0 The Wanderer to 13 The Journey to 21 The World Tree. Will Worthington, a Druid himself, lovingly created the most stunning ink-and-watercolor artwork. As a watercolorist myself, I love the muted palette and woodland vibe. If you dig woodlands and animals and shit, you will dig this deck.

The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Creator Stephanie Pui-Mun Law has been one of my favorite artists since I was about 12 or 13. Her watercolor art just makes me want to pee my freaking pants, you guys. Etherial, fantastical, feminine and strong, this deck is not one to be missed.

The Ellis decK by Taylor Ellis

Created by the wonderfully talented and hilarious Taylor Ellis, aka @thunderwolfmoonking, this vibrant RWS-based deck is one of my all-time favorites. I met Taylor at SFBATS last year, and fell so deeply in love with the cards that I ordered myself a deck as soon as I could. I especially love his use of animals and colors in the four suits: Ravens for Swords, Foxes for Rods, Hogs for Coins, and Seahorses for Cups. Also, his depiction of Rods/Wands is probably my favorite of all time. They’re like, the coolest fire-flowers! With little roots! I totally dig it.

Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

I’m in love with the wonderfully ’70s vibe going on in this fantastical deck – and with the gorgeous paintings. There’s a storybook that goes along with the deck, but I’ve never read it. I enjoy the deck and its many, many cats just fine all on its own.

Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

At the top of my Desperately Desired list, this beautiful deck is rich with goddesses from all over the globe. Great for those interested in learning more about this kind of thing.

& a bonus! 2 great websites for Tarot Deck Discovery:

Llewellyn Worldwide

Famed publishers of magical books, Llewellyn also carries Tarot decks and accessories.

Aeclectic Tarot

Pretty much THE online repository for Tarot deck information, this site lists just about every deck in existence (as far as I know). Browse your heart out.

I hope this is helpful to you, sweet chickadees.

Remember that nothing has to be as hard as we sometimes make it out to be.

You CAN start reading Tarot.

All you need is a rockin’ vibratin’ deck and a little faith in the your intuition!

If you have Tarot questions you’d like me to answer on the blog, email me @ zaferiou (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy reading!